Bordermedia launches new website

Having had the same design for our last website for over two years, we decided it was time for a new look. In line with our WordPress fixation, the new website has been unashamedly shoe-horned (in a day I might add) into a WordPress 2.9.2 installation.

WordPress is a state-of-the-art publishing platform with a focus on aesthetics, web standards, and usability.

We have added a small Google Adwords advertising banner to the middle column on the website – this will hopefully help to cover the costs of our hosting, and allow us to introduce a Libsyn podcast hosting account in the near future.

We hope you like it.

Recording studio launched

Bordermedia has been working hard to put together its new recording studio on the Thailand Burma border. The aim of this project is to record local artists originating from Burma. It is hoped that this will help to inspire further musicians musically, as well as provide a means of income generation by selling the music electronically via the web.

Website design & training: WEAVE

Website for Weave - Womens Education for Advancement and Empowerment

Weave website

WEAVE (Women’s Education for Advancement and Empowerment) was founded in 1990, with the intent to empower indigenous women and support their needs and basic human rights. The organization has evolved over the years, especially in the context of the influx of refugees from Burma.

Bordermedia was asked to design and build a new website for WEAVE, and follow this up with a day’s training in Chiang Mai. It was again decided that a modified WordPress system – traditionally a ‘blogging’ platform – would fulfil WEAVE’s requirements for an SEO-friendly and easily maneagable content management system that would not be too challenging for the non native English speaking employees to learn and use.

Website design & training: Borderline collective

Borderline Collective, Mae Sot, Thailand

Borderline Collective

Borderline is a CafĂ©, Shop & Gallery based in Mae Sot, Thailand. Borderline began with three women’s organisations seeking to establish a shared marketing space for women from Burma (living along the Thai-Burma border) to sell their hand made items. The women’s groups also hoped that by having a collectively managed market they would build their capacity for running income generation projects with the communities with which they work. In May 2004, the Borderline Women’s Collective opened.

Bordermedia was asked to design and build a new website and online shop for Borderline, in such a way that it would only require 2-4 days training for the local staff in Mae Sot to be able to update the website themselves. It was decided that WordPress – traditionally a ‘blogging’ platform – would fulfil these requirements. WordPress is powerful enough to act as a simple Content Management System, and yet simple enough for people with little or no web design experience to be able to use to update the website themselves with the minimum of training.

Website design:

Give to Burma donations website was conceived, set up and built in 24 hours. It is a one page website intended to take ’emergency relief’ donations to be sent inside Burma around the time of the Monks’ protests in October 2007. The website, as intended, was sent around ‘virally’ by email, and to date has taken more than $16,000 in donations.

Bordermedia initially received an email appealing for donations from one of the members of Youth Solidarity of Burma. We quickly replied suggesting setting up a one page appeal website that would take donations using PayPal. After a meeting an hour or two later, we set up a PayPal account for and designed and built the site, putting it live within 24 hours. Following this, we provided support and advice as well as helping with publicity and marketing the website online.

Update: The website was used a second time around during an appeal for victims of Cyclone Nargis inside Burma. It again raised several thousand dollars from generous donors.

At the time of writing, is second only to Burma Campaign UK on Google for searches with the keyword phrase “Donate to Burma”. It is third on Google for the keyword phrase “Make a donation to Burma”.

World Education Thailand

World Education Thailand network

Network design

World Education/Consortium wanted to maximise the benefits of using collaborative software so that public diaries, public contact lists etc… could be utilised by all staff. To achieve this, bordermedia installed a mail server to fulfill this function. Remote access was also implemented using current security systems so that staff who are travelling have access to their email as well as all public diaries and contact lists.

By installing a server also had the added benefit of centralising all of World Education/Consortium’s data which enables much safer and easier data protection.

Web design: World Education Thailand

World Education Thailand, World Ed

World Education Thailand

World Education/Consortium works with Burmese refugees, migrants and internally displaced people along the border to ensure that they have access to quality education. World Education/Consortium’s vision is one of capacity and empowerment and the belief that education is the catalyst to change.

Bordermedia developed the World Education/Consortium website using open source content management system software (CMS). This enables end users the ability to add documents, images, video and other content without requiring in-depth understanding of web development techniques. This has 2 main advantages, firstly website content can be maintained in a timely manner without requiring a third party and secondly it minimises the amount of training required for staff.

Human Rights Documentation Unit [HRDU]

HRDU - Human Rights Documentation Unit


The Human Rights Documentation Unit is a division of the National Coalition Government of the Union of Burma that is responsible for producing an annual human rights yearbook.

Bordermedia was engaged to develop the documentation templates for the 2006 human rights yearbook which will be primarily distributed in HTML format on CD.

Website design: Free Burma Rangers

FBR - Free Burma Rangers

FBR - Free Burma Rangers

The Free Burma Rangers (FBR) is a multi-ethnic humanitarian service movement bringing help, hope and love to people in the war zones of Burma. Ethnic pro-democracy groups send teams to be trained, supplied and sent into the areas under attack inside Burma to provide emergency assistance and human rights documentation.

Bordermedia was asked to provide some new page designs which, once approved, were built into a set of HTML templates along with accompanying CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) files. The Free Burma Rangers’ webmaster then used the files provided to ‘re-skin’ the website himself.

Web design: Burma Study Website

Myanmar Study Abroad website

Burma study website

This website provides information for students from Burma on Studying abroad. It is intended to provide information on universities, exams, and international scholarships with the aim of helping Burmese students to choose where to continue their studies.

Bordermedia provided consultancy in a series of meetings, helping to organise the new website structure, before designing 2-3 page templates in Adobe Photoshop. Once approved by the client, these were built into HTML/Dreamweaver templates. Bordermedia then provided half a day’s training in using Dreamweaver with which internal staff can add to and update the website in future.



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