Web design: Myanmar Community Academies Program

MCAP website

Myanmar Community Academies Program website

The Myanmar Community Academies Program, or MCAP, is made up of two layers. The first is our MCAP Central Program, which is located in Yangon. We work in partnership with the second layer, consisting of our network of three, community-based academies in Hpa-an, Loikaw and Myitkyina.

The MCAP Central Program supports our partner academies to implement values-based education programs in their local communities. We do so through providing capacity building and technical support across a range of areas, such as visioning, curriculum, training, monitoring and evaluation. MCAP works to ensure that our academies continue to grow and strengthen, but with shared vision and goals. Our hopes are that they continually work towards understanding the changes in needs of our beneficiaries and communities, so that we can remain quality and relevant education providers.

Web design: APIDDA

APIDDA website

Australian Parliamentary Internet Direct Democracy Alliance website

APIDDA (Australian Parliamentary Internet Direct Democracy Alliance) gives every Australian voter the opportunity to vote on every bill that is presented to the Australian Parliament.

Registration is free and is available to every Australian who is a registered voter with the Australian Electoral Commission.

Individual votes are cast in secret and will never be published. The overall result of each ballot will be published. These results are then sent to every elected Federal Parliament member – both in the House of Representative and the Senate. We also ask them to “kindly consider” voting the same way as the APIDDA ballot results indicate – thus making Australia a direct democracy. We believe it is only fair and just that the Australian people be able to vote on the laws that they are compelled to live under.

Web design: AAPP

AAPP website

Assistance Association for Political Prisoners (Burma) website

The Assistance Association for Political Prisoners (Burma), also known as AAPP, is a non-profit human rights organization based in Mae Sot, Thailand. AAPP was founded in 2000 by former political prisoners living in exile on the Thai/Burma border. Since then, the organization has been run by former political prisoners, with two offices being opened inside Burma in 2012, one in Rangoon and the other in Mandalay. AAPP advocates and lobbies for the release of remaining political prisoners and for the improvement of the lives of political prisoners after their release. The various assistance programs for political prisoners and their family members are aimed at ensuring they have access to education, vocational trainings, mental health counseling and healthcare.

Web design: Issarachon Foundation

Issarachon Foundation website

Issarachon Foundation website

The Issarachon Foundation is an organization that works with the less fortunate, living in the public or ‘homeless’ individuals in the society. The group started in the form of volunteer work since 2539 and in the year 2548 became registered as the VACA and then later renamed at Issarachon Foundation in 18 October 2012 .The organization has over a decade experience and commitment to improving the quality of life of those living in the public.

The foundation focuses on the individual affected and aims to rehabilitate the feelings of families, communities and surrounding environment. Members of the foundation visit affected ‘homeless’ individuals and families, encourage them to discuss and talk their feelings and work to find reasons for leaving home, to find ways to improve their quality of life and also the work of the organization.

Web design: Burma Children Medical Fund

BCMF website

Burma Children Medical Fund website

The Burma Children Medical Fund (BCMF) was established in 2006 in response to the increasing number of children on the Thai-Burma border who required complex medical treatment and surgery that is not available at local clinics or hospitals. Prior to BCMF being established, children who required surgery had their symptoms treated and lived either severely incapacitated lives or died prematurely as a result.

In addition to funding patients’ medical treatment and providing support services, BCMF also provides patients with food and accommodation for as long as they are undergoing treatment.

Web design: KIC News

KIC News website

KIC News website

Karen Information Center (KIC) News is an independent news organization based in Thailand and the Thai-Burma border areas.

KIC News aims to promote Burma related news and reports in South Asia and South East Asia. It is also serves as a bridge for mutual-understanding, sharing experiences, expertise and resources and cooperation among the Independent Burma Media Organizations.

Website design & training: Karen News

Karen News website

Karen News is reported and written by Karen journalists to provide information on issues that shape Karen communities in Burma and around the world.

Karen News provides a window to Burma and the international community on what is happening in Karen state. Our journalists live and work in Karen communities, know the issues that affect Karen people and aim to bring those issues to the attention of people across Burma, in the diaspora, and to all readers interested in the struggles and triumphs of the Karen people.

Bordermedia was asked to design and build a new website for the Karen News team which would present a professional image to the outside world while enabling the Karen News team complete control over the content of their site. There was also a strong emphasis on ease of use so that the Karen journalists could post stories in a matter of minutes so that their time was spent concentrating on content rather than technical know-how.

Webdesign: John Hulme Photography

John Hulme Photography website

John Hulme is a documentary photographer dividing his time between South East Asia and Britain. His work has focused on documenting social issues in Europe, Thailand, Burma and India.

John’s work has been published in books, magazines and newspapers, including AOL, HRW, Irrawaddy, Pacific Press (Japan), MacMillan Education, Heinemann, BBC, McGraw Hill (US), Longman Asia, Oxford University Press, Cambridge University Press, AA Publishing, Reed Primary, MacMillan Oxford, Independent On Sunday, Evans Brothers, Aladdin Books, APA Publications, Financial Times and The Sydney Morning Herald, and Trafficking in People report.

As an accredited photographer for the BBC and Channel Four he has been involved in the production of several documentary’s, most recently for Panorama shooting Hi-8 footage of Thailand’s Chicken farms and slaughter houses.

Bordermedia was asked to design and build a new website with the main emphasis being on promoting John’s photographic work and allowing John full control over the content of the website.

Webdesign: Timothy Syrota

Timothy Syrota website

Timothy Syrota website

Timothy Syrota has worked as a writer, photographer and film maker since 1997. Timothy’s first book, ‘Welcome to Burma and Enjoy the Totalitarian Experience’ was published in 2001 (Orchid Press).

Timothy has also worked as a photographer on behalf of a number of International Non Government Organizations operating in South East Asia including Save the Children, the World Wildlife Fund, World Education and the International Rescue Committee.

Bordermedia was asked to design and build a new website with the main emphasis being on promoting Tim’s photographic work.

Webdesign: Burmese Dreaming

Burmese Dreaming website

Burmese Dreaming website

Burmese Dreaming is a creative non-fiction based upon stories from the life of a refugee, Say Say La. This narrative is supplemented by stories contributed by students of the English Immersion Program based in Umphiem Mai Refugee Camp.

The footage for the film has been shot throughout central and southern Burma and includes footage from pro-democracy demonstrations and the refugee camps on the Thailand-Burma border.

Bordermedia was asked to design and build a new website to help with the promotion of Burmese Dreaming. The site was built using the popular WordPress system – allowing the owner of the website to continually update news items, blog posts, current reports and maintain their photo gallery.



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